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We are pleased to announce that the Government of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan has started Online Visa since 01.02.2021.   

For more details and an updated information about Pakistan’s Online Visa; please feel free to visit

Some Important Information for Tourist Visa or Visa In Your Inbox:

Please submit your intent to travel at least 72-96 hours before your planned trip to Pakistan. However, the applicant can ONLY TRAVEL on receipt of an ETA by email to receive an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) – (Please Note: You can state your intent by submitting an online visa application through the Pakistan Online Visa System.  The details are follows:-

  • Foreign nationals of Indian origin are also eligible to apply under this category for religious tourism purposes.
  • Tour operators approved by the Pakistan Directorate of Tourist Services (DTS) may be allowed to bring Tourist Groups under this category.
  • Required Documents, include (i) Photograph, (ii) Passport, (iii) Invitation Letter by the sponsor or hotel booking details in case of individual tourist Invitation; and (iv) Letter in case of group by the tour operator designated by the department of tourist services
  • Tourist Visa in Your Inbox is valid for 30 Days. 
  • While issuance of Visa is the prerogative of the Government of Pakistan, ETA is issued from Pakistan, and this Consulate General has no role.
  • Normal processing time is 48-96 Working Hours. If the application is sent back for Review to the Applicant, the processing time will re-start from the date of re-submission of application.
  • The Application will stand cancelled if applicant does not resubmit his/her application in Seven (7) days from the date of application sent for review.
  • Please note the resource is available on how to apply, upload picture and documents.
  • Parent’s consent Form for visa applicant under 16 years of age is mandatory

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