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Standard Requirements for Consular Services (Document Attestations)

  • All types of Documents including Educational Documents must be first attested from the Foreign Office Islamabad or its Regional Offices at Lahore/Karachi/Peshawar/Quetta).
  • Please also bring copies of your Passport, Turkish Visa or Turkish Resident Permit while visiting the Consulate.

Fee Chart for our General Consular Services (Fee only in US$)



Requirements for Manual Power of Attorney, Pension Papers/ Affidavit:

Kindly note that the personal presence of the applicant/executant is mandatory for Power of Attorney/Life Certificate/Will.
  • Please bring a clear copy of the Power of Attorney (PoA) /Affidavit document.
  • The Power of Attorney or Affidavit must be typed on a white paper or on a Stamp Paper.
  • Please also bring Passport and CNIC/NICOP copies along with Passport Size Pictures of both parties i.e. Attorney and Executant. 
NOTE: All the above services are done on the same day.